There’s an easier way to
grow your brand to

 consistent 5-figure months,
while working10-15 hours/week, 
and actually enjoying your life
along the way!


Confidence to Elevate

Elite Group Coaching

Overcome Impostor Syndrome to

Expand Your Empire

For ADHD/neurospicy entrepreneurs
who want to grow their brand without
hustle, boring routines,
or burnout.

Right now you’re desperate to build more

momentum in your business, BUT...


You have tons of fresh, new ideas- but you're too

overwhelmed to actually execute any of them.

You’re OVER being so overscheduled that

you can't take a day (or week) off to really

 enjoy the fruits of your labor.


You’re struggling to identify where the disconnect is between

feeling like a confident leader in your industry

and where you are now (also known as impostor syndrome.)

You feel stuck.


You may even find yourself thinking,


“I'm not smart enough.”


“Do I actually provide value to my community?"

"I might be in over my head with this whole business thing…” 

“How can I grow my business without sacrificing my mental health?”

The truth is, you’re strategy isn't working, and something's gotta give!

Growing your revenue to consistent 5-figure months takes WORK,
and trying to figure it out
on your own will leave you feeling

There’s an EASIER way to grow
your business in a way that
actually feels good...

I have developed an empowering program

that allows you to work less,

with MORE impact, and the

core of this program is your CONFIDENCE.

Your confidence isn’t
another thing 
to focus on,
it’s THE thing
to focus on.

Listen, I know there are a ton of business coaches

in your face telling you the keys to success in your business

are hustling, posting to your social media accounts 10x a day,

and having a “positive” mindset all the time.


You know what?


They don’t take into account your neurodivergent needs,

and how you have to do things differently than the

average business owner because of them.


They don’t know what it’s like to have the unexpected

low-energy day make you feel like

you’re moving through mud

and make you dread your

to-do list.

Stop focusing on stuff that isn’t growing your business 
and go ALL IN on your EXPANSION.

The best part is you’ll learn how to
find balance so you can actually
feel good and have fun!

Confidence to Elevate Elite Group Coaching
is a 90-day program that teaches you the
strategies, systems, & tools you need
to grow your business step-by-step,

so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.


  1. Optimize your schedule so you can grow and expand in a way that feels safe, easy, and sustainable.

  2. Identify your biggest mental and emotional blocks to success and abundance- and remove them for good!

  3. How to harness your hyperfocus (one of your most powerful neurospicy GIFTS) so you can stop feeling powerless/lazy.

  4. Break up with your people-pleasing ways, so you can finally feel free to unmask and be your authentic unique self with confidence.

  5. How to use social media to achieve your income goals without ever having to pay for ads or show up on platforms that you don’t enjoy.

  6. The real way to “sell” on socials will have your clients begging to work with you instead of the other way around.

  7. How to build a community of invested followers that are ready to take action!

  8. How to activate and nurture your creative flow to prevent stagnation in your business.

  9. Intuitive Marketing- the peaceful, no-pressure method of client attraction.

  10. How to charge your worth and scale your services!

  11. Create ease and alignment in your business structure so you can work as little or as much as you desire.

  12. Boundaries for Baddies- Strategies to enforce your limits with little to no push-back.

  13. Connecting to your spirit team and growing your intuition so you can easily align with your highest path and harness your manifestations fast.

  14. How to create passive Income for more Personal Time!

Your unbelievable success is out there, you just haven’t aligned with it yet.

Confidence to Elevate Elite Group Coaching is an action-packed

90 Day program that teaches you exactly what you need

to grow your business so you can finally

make more and work less. 


Even if you don’t know what your next steps are.


Even if you don’t have a big following on social media.


Even if you have STRUGGLED to figure it all out on your own.


Even if you have been told your dreams are too big.


...And a lot of support along the way.

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you felt AT EASE with your business?

The strategies you learn in Confidence to Elevate
Elite Group Coaching help you develop
the unstoppable confidence you need
to grow your business without
resistance, fear, or confusion.

If you are...


…Tired of listening to traditional coaches telling you to hustle and grind to be successful.


…Sick of sleepless nights worrying about where your next client is going to come from.


…Desperate to grow your brand into an empire so you can make an impact (with more abundance and ease than you thought possible).

Then Confidence to Elevate

Elite Group Coaching

is perfect for you!

Growing your business is HARD.

To get real results, you need to stop trying to figure it out alone and go all in with real support.
Trying to figure it out on your own ONLY leads to
increased stress, wasted time, and missed opportunities...

Will this work for me?


Confidence to Elevate is designed for neurodivergent women business owners that want to grow their business so they can make way more and work less, while making a positive impact on their community.


These students include:


Service Providers






Energy Workers


If you’re still not sure if this program is right for your brand,

simply shoot me a question in the chat box…



90 Days from now you could be

running your empire

from the comfort of your own home.


But, more importantly, you’ll be living a life that feels GOOD

(and filled with way more abundance!)

Here’s what running an aligned empire

looks like:


… Selling with CONFIDENCE because you finally know your worth.


…Feeling CONNECTED because you have built a community of



…A DEEP SENSE of calm that comes from knowing

you’re aligned and pursuing the right path.

The Confidence to Elevate Elite Group Coaching
is an all-inclusive program where you’ll learn:

Social Media Strategy:


  • How to communicate what makes you stand out from your competitors.

  • How to attract your dream clients by the thousands.

  • How to grow your community (and social media following) of people excited to buy what you offer!

  • How to build a targeted audience that knows, likes, and trusts you fast!

  • How to deliver real value to your community without spending hours on creating content.

  • How to create a connection with your potential clients instantly.

  • How to show your community the value you offer so they never feel like they’re being pressured to buy… 


Powerful Mindset Shifts for Neurospicy
Business Owners:


  • How to stop the cycle of overthinking and ruminating thoughts.

  • Why “staying positive” isn’t the answer to your mental well-being.

  • Where your limiting beliefs are hiding and thereby blocking your success.

  • How to reframe self-doubt and negative thinking so you can feel empowered and unstoppable.

Energy Optimization:


  • How to grow your revenue month after month in a way that feels good- without stress, overwhelm, or exhaustion.

  • How to schedule your days, weeks, months, and years so you can finally show up consistently for yourself and your business- even on unexpected low-energy days!

  • Boundaries for Baddies- strategies to set and enforce your limits with little to no pushback.

  • Systems to simplify and streamline your life and business- trim the energetic fat if you will…

Time for some real talk…


Just because you have a profitable business doesn’t mean you’re

empire will expand, and trying to grow on your own

isn’t the best strategy if you’re feeling stuck.


My clients have taken their business to the next level,

making more month after month.


…But that only happened as a result of completing my programs.


They signed up because they tried to figure it out on their own and failed.

They suffered for months or even years with anxiety

about their bottom line, and all because they didn’t have the

confidence, strategies, systems, and tools

that this program provides.

You have two choices...

Keep wasting time and energy trying to figure it out on your own.

Choice #1

Take 90 days to implement the exact steps that have worked
for me and tons of others... and watch your business grow.

Choice #2

Confidence to Elevate Elite Group Coaching includes systems and strategies to
deliver real value to your community,
earn their trust and
increase revenue.

Here's what's included in Confidence To Elevate
Elite Group Coaching:

Phase 1-Establishing New Standards

  • Optimize your energy by eliminating the “no-no words” from your mindset.


  • Clarify your needs and goals so you can stay motivated and feel good.


  • Build the foundation for your confident-af state of mind with simple yet powerful reframes and mindset shifts.


  • 2 video lessons walking you through the strategies and systems. 


  • 4 Live 1-hour coaching calls via Zoom.


  • Assignments, worksheets, and journal prompts.


  • 24/7 access to the group coaching Marco Polo Call to ask questions, create connections with fellow ambitious entrepreneurs, share breakthroughs and get support whenever you need it.

Untitled design (8).png

Phase 2- Always Providing Value Method

  • Optimize your content so you convert viewers into followers, and followers into clients.


  • Use your unique voice to tell your story and inspire action in your community.


  • Show up confidently on screen (and off) so you stop overthinking your content and post to impress!


  • 2 video lessons walking you through the strategies and systems.


  • 4 Live 1-hour Coaching calls via Zoom.


  • Assignments, worksheets, and journal prompts.


  • 24/7 access to the group coaching Marco Polo Call to ask questions, create connections with fellow ambitious entrepreneurs, share breakthroughs and get support whenever you need it.

APVM Computer pic.png

Phase 3- Elevate Your Income

Elevate your income computer pic take 3.png
  • Establish multiple streams of income because passive income is the secret to sleeping soundly at night!

  • Create evergreen pipelines that convert to serious sales for your business on autopilot.

  • Utilize automation tools to make your empire run as smoothly as possible.


  • 2 video lessons walking you through the strategies and systems.


  • 4 Live 1-hour Coaching calls via Zoom.


  • Assignments, worksheets, and journal prompts.


  • 24/7 access to the group coaching Marco Polo Call to ask questions, create connections with fellow ambitious entrepreneurs, share breakthroughs and get support whenever you need it.


12 months free subscription to the ADHD Entrepreneur Monthly Membership

Value- $480

Capitalize on your momentum with weekly mini-group coaching sessions, and access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content to improve your life and business.


1-hour Intuitive Strategy Session w/me!


One-on-one session to identify and remove the limiting beliefs that are making you play small and avoid the expansion you crave! We will explore your subconscious blocks to success and abundance on a deeper level, providing you with a clear path to your next steps.


5-Hour-A-Week Content Creation Method

Value- $199

This powerful system will ensure your following grows while also establishing yourself as an expert in your industry- without spending hours every day on content creation!


Going LIVE with Confidence and Clarity.

Value- $199

This comprehensive training will eliminate your insecurities about going live on social media, so you can build relationships and wow your community with empower them to take action and book with you!


Create In-Demand Offers by Following the Six Universal Motivators Method

Value- $499

Get ready to launch an offer, course, or program that is guaranteed to be a smashing success because it solves one of the Six Universal Motivators for your ideal clients.

You already know that your current strategy
isn’t working...

So what are you going to do about it?


  • $1000’s in passive income per month.

  • A growing community of engaged followers that turn into enthusiastic paying clients month after month.

  • The freedom to pursue your hobbies because you only have to work 10-15 hours a week…

And way less stress and overwhelm!

In 90 days you can have:

I know you have been telling yourself:

I just need to hustle harder...
longer... better...


It’s simply not true.


After years of pushing myself to the point of burnout,

terrified to take action because of self-doubt,

and trying to do it alone with no support,

I created a program to feel confident-AF

to grow your business

into an empire…


…And you won’t believe how quickly you will see results too!

One year ago my original TikTok account got BANNED at 45.4k followers.


I had just quit my "real" job two months prior to go all in

on my business because I was gaining momentum on social media.


And then BAM! The rug got pulled out from under me.


The community I had worked tirelessly for months to build,

got vaporized on a Sunday afternoon live stream.

(I never found out why I got banned, btw...

The TikTok gods can be fickle that way.)


I could have felt like a gigantic failure. 


My embarrassment for not having better systems in place,

(or a freaking backup plan), could have sent me over the edge-

forcing me to go crawling back to the restaurant industry

with my tail between my legs…


But, fortunately for me, I now understood the power of

my neurospicy brain and I had the CONFIDENCE

to build a brand that would eventually

turn into my empire.



A lot has changed since then...

Now I have a community of 138k+ (and growing)

neurodivergent entrepreneurs and budding business owners

who are making an impact and changing the narrative

around what it means to be happy and

successful with ADHD, ASD, OCD,

or any other neurological condition or disability.


But, I will never forget what it felt like to have it all gone in the blink of an eye.

To have to rebuild from scratch.


Don’t make the same mistakes I made. 


Build an empire that can’t get ripped away from you in one second (literally.)


My program Confidence to Elevate Elite Group Coaching

leads you through every step to grow your audience,

build your community, elevate your systems and strategies,

and feel confident-AF to help you transform your brand into an empire.

You need vision, determination, and the drive

to achieve something more- something bigger than yourself-

to grow your brand into an empire.


That demands support and strategy.


…And that’s what you’ll get when you join this program.


If you’ve tried to figure it out on your own and failed.


If you’ve suffered for months (or years)

not making the revenue you desire,

not working with dream clients,

and not living the lifestyle of your dreams...


You’re going to have to do something different.

Click the button below to sign-up now!