What Clients Are Saying


I was feeling stuck with my business. I did a session with Melanie and made 29 sales overnight. Making over $600 In 12hrs! During the session, I made a $500 monthly goal. I've never had more than 2 orders in a month.  She unblocked my fear of success. This is seriously so amazing! I can't wait to see how my business grows.

Shaylee Sorensen


Melanie has been instrumental in my growth both spiritually and in business. Her guidance has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. I am stronger, more emotionally capable, and more spiritually aware because of her help. As far as my business goes, in 6 short months, we have tripled our sales! We are considering opening a second location because the growth and demand are now showing that is the next step! Melanie has given advice and guidance that has made all of this possible, I am so thankful for her and cannot wait to see where this journey takes us!

Jennifer Litwin

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Working with Melanie has 100% changed my game. Not only has she taught me the inner workings to grow my business, but she has also given me so much support that I feel like she's always in my corner. If not for her, I believe I would have given up by now. It can be really hard to start a business all by yourself, but Melanie guides, supports, educates, and encourages you at every step. I'm in her 1:1 coaching as well as her ADHD Entrepreneur Group and I have no intention of stopping either. The strategies are simple, but she delivers them in a way that makes sense AND she keeps me accountable. Game changer.

Lynne Pease


The pink-haired girl is a magical mindset unicorn- but without the marshmallow fluff.

Melanie caught my attention online as a no-nonsense woman who was relatable and has figured out ways to overcome “being stuck” and getting out of her own way.

At the time, I was in a life rut and was looking for workable tools. I took a chance and followed her coaching.

I’m still following it. I’m seeing results, and she continues to coach me.

I now stop myself before I over-think the things that don’t need that energy, and instead, I get to work.

I booked my first family photoshoot. I did the editing. I started a social media page to promote my work. I designed a logo and now I’m looking into legit marketing for my business.

If it wasn’t for Melanie’s coaching and our team, I’d still be trying to analyze the next steps.

I highly recommend you stop wondering if she can help you and just book the appointment already. 

Kate Lundquist