The Best Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides.

Updated: Feb 13

People ask me how I communicate with my guides so easily, and I tell them I fully trust that the messages they send me (however strange) are true and I understand that it's my job to convey these messages to whoever needs to hear them.

It wasn't always this way, though. I worked hard to get to this point, because I knew that I needed a great relationship with my spirit team to live my life with peace and ease instead of constantly feeling anxious, stressed, worried, and fearful.

How did I get to this point? We have to go back a little in time to explain that.

In April of 2020, my mom passed away after an 18 month battle with stage four head & neck cancer. It was during the first weeks of quarantine when she passed. The rest of the world had shut down, but my world had been turned upside down. That's when my spiritual awakening started.

I started exploring a variety of metaphysical topics ranging from energy and vibration to pendulums and chakras. I researched ALL OF THE THINGS. That's when I started meditating. Guided meditations were the only hope in hell I had at being a successful meditator, so I explored all types of guided meditations on YouTube.

One day I stumbled upon a guided meditation called, "Meet Your Spirit Guides" and said to myself, "What the hell? I know I have to have some sort of help here, let's see who it is!"

I listened to this meditation a few times before any real information came through. The third time I listened to this meditation flood gates opened! I heard two distinct names come through, so I started to refer to them throughout my day, letting them know that I welcomed their help.

I realized how much more peaceful my life became now that I was connected to my spirit team. My life wasn't always rainbows and unicorns, but it wasn't as stressful and hectic as it used to be. My mind wasn't always racing. I was able to catch myself when I was ruminating on a negative thought and thereby able to redirect my energy to focus on positive aspects. They helped me clear the clutter in my overthinking-neurodivergent-overworked-mom brain.

Another way I started connecting with my spirit team was by asking for jokes throughout my day. If I am headed into a potentially stressful situation I ask them ahead of time to show me something funny to remind me that they're with me. I attribute my frequent laughter to them, they definitely put me in the right place at the right time to see or experience some funny-a** stuff!

You can even ask them to send you messages through music, something they are probably already doing, whether you notice or not. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and tell them to play DJ and play what you need to hear!

The bottom line is it's YOUR spirit team. If you don't understand the signs they're sending, or feel like you're not seeing any signs tell them to make the message clearer. Tell them what you need, ask for guidance, and then keep your eyes peeled. The most important part is trusting yourself. Don't second guess a sign because you don't think you're special enough for one. Don't think that the sign was too vague, if it caught your eye and made you think, it was a sign from your guides!

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