Four Steps to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed.

Updated: Feb 13

I'm sure you've been there. You're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and it feels like nothing is going right. It's tough to make a decision, even when they seem small or mundane.

Everything seems like an enormous task that can't be done alone. The good news is there are ways to stop feeling powerless to your anxiety and overwhelm!

I want to share four things you can do when you're feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Breathe.

  2. Make a list of "controllable aspects."

  3. Break it down into order of importance.

  4. Complete and reward system.

You know that feeling when there's so much to be done that you go into panic mode and just feel paralyzed? In these moments your first step is to just breathe. Take a big, deep breath in-focus on really filling your lungs and your heart space- and then exhale all of that stress from your body as if were blowing away dust on old furniture. Exhaling with purpose helps ground your energy, which helps the rain slow down and focus on being present.

Deep breathing helps because sometimes in our lives, we get overwhelmed by the future and its uncertainty, so we need these techniques to ground ourselves to get back on track and focused.

Another helpful grounding practice is to place your hands over your heart while finding your intuitive flow, to help you stay centered during stressful moments or situations. I like to combine this technique with deep breathing to stay in the present moment when overwhelm starts creeping into my mindset.

The next step to combat feeling overwhelmed is making a list of "controllable aspects." This consists of two categories: In my control, and Not in My Control. Separating the elements that you can't change (like the weather or other people's opinions/reactions) from the elements which are under your direct domain shows you how much power you have over your mindset. Focusing on those which are within your realm of control gives you an immense sense of relief, as it lightens your mental and emotional load significantly

Then break down the tasks that you are in control over into a list titled "Order of Importance," considering deadlines first. Anything that doesn't need immediate attention goes to the bottom of the list because it will give you more space for the most pressing matters!

How long will each of the pressing tasks take to complete? The quickest tasks go to the top of the list so that you gain momentum by knocking them out first. If something can wait until tomorrow then by all means put off getting started now -if you produce your best work under pressure, then so be it.


If you're still feeling overwhelmed after implementing these strategies, consider working with a specialist. As an expert in mindset coaching, I help people who find themselves overwhelmed by their negative overthinking and anxiety. They feel stuck because of their problems, and feel too busy and stressed out for self-care.

You do not need to be a victim of your thoughts; you can make impactful changes for the better by taking responsibility for your mindset and making positive changes in yourself every single day!

Our thoughts are powerful. They can bring us down if we let them. I work with clients who have found themselves stuck in a negative state due to their overthinking and anxiety- which contributes to their heavy feeling of being overwhelmed all day long. It doesn't need to be that way though -you can take charge of your life by implementing my mindset strategies and energy healing techniques so that positive things happen where ever you go in life.

For clarity about what's making you feel stuck and overwhelmed, and to uncover your next steps to align with your life path book your Intuitive Guidance Session now!

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